I grew up in Madison and attended a private school along with doing some homeschooling. I had a goal of becoming a mechanic, and so I started mechanics training through an online program. Between focusing a lot of time on my online training and working on the farm where I grew up, I pushed high school aside and never did complete it; therefore, I never did attain a diploma.

As we all know, life can throw you many curve balls and things change in an instant. Needless to say, while still enjoying working on my own vehicles, I decided that the mechanic field was not where I wanted to spend my life. After trying several things, I ended up in sales, which I did enjoy, but at the end of the day, I really did not feel fulfilled.

After much praying and seeking God’s will for our lives, my wife and I felt God leading us to the ministry of serving our elders through elderly care. Positions such as administrative roles require more education, which in turn required me first of all to have a high school diploma or of course, my GED®!

The folks here at the Literacy Council have been a huge blessing, helping me achieve the process of attaining my GED®! Especially important is Donna Coffee with her never-ending encouragement to me, telling me over and over “I know you can do it; you just have to believe in yourself.”